Professional Pligg Development Services in Lahore, Pakistan

Pligg is a popular Open Source Content Management System based on Pre-Hypertext Processing (PHP) and MySQL. Pligg development requires more advanced development environment and is considered as one of the most comprehensive Content Management Systems present today. Rana Technologies provides all core Pligg CMS development services.

Rana Technologies is the right place, if you are looking for Pligg Developers or searching to hire Pligg developers with assorted skills in MySQL, JavaScript, PHP, and XHTML/CSS. Customer satisfaction is always our Pligg developer’s first priority. Clients count on us for our best and most affordable Pligg services which are available with multifarious expertise.

Rana Technologies’ Pligg Development Services include:

  Pligg Development

•  Pligg Customization

•  Pligg Template customization

•  Pligg Module development

•  Pligg Maintenance

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