iphone eBook Apps

iphone eBook Apps

iPhone eBook Applications Development in Lahore, Pakistan.

According to the latest news, game download for iPhone has somewhat been lower than the eBooks download in last quarter of the year 2009. The sharp rise in eBooks on iPhone indicates that Apple is positioned to take the market share from Amazon Kindle as it did from the Nintendo DS.

Despite two inch smaller screen of iPhone than Kindle the iPhone is going to be a significant player in the eBooks Publishing category of the Media & Entertainment space.

This fact reveals the importance of the eBooks on iPhone and as a book writer or publisher you may want to take benefits from the new trends therefore, iPhone development team from Rana Technologies would like to help you to write e-book applications for you.

eBooks app for iPhone developed by Rana Technologies are mainly focused on readability and usability. We see to it that oureBooks on iPhone are effective and facilitate legible reading experience.

Users can flip through pages as fast as they do with printed books and enjoy rich, high-resolution images without any technical havoc.

If you are an Author or Books Publisher this is an opportunity to sell your books worldwide ignoring physical boundaries and earn some handsome money at the same time.

Publish ebooks on iPhone platform:

ebooks app developed by Rana Technologies facilitate users to access volumes of content readily on their iPhone mobile. Some of the unique features of our e-Book applications are

  • High readability & usability
  • Easy download process
  • Facilitate legible reading experience
  • Allow rich, high-resolution images
  • Allow easy flip-through pages
  • Can carry any volume of content

If you are are Author or a Books Publishing company, please feel free to contact us for any of your requirements related to publishing ebooks to iphone.


If you need a reliable resource for a project, look no further for hiring an iPhone ebook Application Developer, Rana Technologies guarantees effective results from our team members. Our solutions for iPhone applications are at affordable prices with no hidden fees and no compromise on quality. Let Rana Technologies help you create value. Contact Us Today! OR Submit your Requirements.